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Stainless steel feed trough
Stainless steel feed trough
Stainless steel feed trough

1. Product classification:

Stainless steel feed troughDivided into single-sided and double-fabricated trough, according to the size of feeding pigs are also divided into nursery pig trough and large pig trough.

2. Product features:

  1. Save feed and reduce costs.

  2. Adopting food hygiene and reducing the probability of infectious diseases.

  3. The breeding cycle is shortened and the sales are released in advance.

  4. Automatic feed supply and manpower saving.

  5. The material of this trough is made of stainless steel, which is made by welding. The surface is smooth and smooth. The welding seam is treated with stainless steel varnish.

  6. The device for feed adjustment is of reasonable design, easy to operate, the discharge at both ends is fairly uniform, and the height can be adjusted arbitrarily.

  7. The inner surface of the stainless steel feed trough is smooth and not easy to store material.

3. Model size of stainless steel double-sided pig trough

The stainless steel double-sided pig trough is made of 1. 2 mm thickness 2 0 1 stainless steel steel plate, and can be assembled into the whole trough (higher freight) Can be shipped in discrete parts (saving freight). Place in the middle of two circles of the pig farm, and eat on both sides at the same time. It is suitable for powder or granular materials, and there is a valve for adjusting the height of the discharge port, which can control the discharge speed. Pigs eat freely and grow quickly without wasting feed.

Model size of stainless steel double-sided pig trough:

  1180 * 650 * 750 mm, capacity 100 KG

  1250 * 750 * 900 mm, capacity 150 KG

  1500 * 750 * 900 mm, capacity 200 KG

  1800 * 750 * 900 mm, capacity 250 KG

The above is suitable for big pig model size.

  900 * 500 * 550 mm, capacity 70 KG, suitable for the conservation of small and medium pigs!

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