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Stainless steel pig trough
Stainless steel pig trough
Stainless steel pig trough

The cost of feed accounts for more than 70% of the cost of raising pigs in the nursery and fattening phase, so the choice of feed trough is very important. How to make every pig get the feed it needs, and to reduce the waste in a larger way is a problem to be considered when designing and selecting feeders.

The key question for a pig producer or farm builder to consider is what type of feed trough is needed,Stainless steel pig troughAccording to the feeding needs of sows, nursery pigs and fattening pigs, fresh feed is put in. The types of feed troughs include: sow feeding troughs, nursery pig troughs, rearing pig troughs, and weaning-breeding universal troughs.

1. Advantages

  1 No waste of feed.

  2 Keep the feed fresh.

  3, self-cleaning feed trough.

  4, the larger the feeding space.

  5, less feed fighting.

  6, long-term durability.

  7, the amount of material need not be adjusted.

  8, save feed and reduce labor.

2. Quality

  1, made of reinforced glass fiber reinforced plastic material, durable for long-term use, will not be damaged.

  2, manufacturing and production procedures comply with ISO 9001 quality management system.

  3. The durable steel on the stainless steel pig trough can be used for many years without being damaged in the harsh environment of the pig house.

  4, metal parts can use 304 stainless steel.

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