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Automatic pig raising equipment selection method

Edit:Qingzhou Mukang Machinery Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-06-12

In recent years, with the increasing production of large-scale pig farms and the increasingly severe employment situation of pig farms, the automatic feeding system of pig farms has been widely used. Its labor saving, grain saving, decompression, epidemic prevention and other advantages have been recognized by the majority of pig breeding sites. However, domestic manufacturers of automatic feeding systems for pig farms are mixed, how to choose a set of cost-effective, reliable, easy to maintain, after-sales service products have become a problem that plagues pig owners, the following is an introduction to pig farm automated pig equipment Choose a method:

First, the classification of the material tower, glass steel, galvanized sheet. Because of its low thermal conductivity, thermal insulation, non-condensation, and no rust, FRP has been favored by people in recent years. The traditional galvanized sheet tower has gradually withdrawn from the market due to high temperature in summer, condensation and corrosion of perforated parts during construction.

Second, the automatic feeding equipment of the pig raising equipment, the auger, the race, the auger transmission speed is slow, the distance is short. Once the winch breaks, only the winch can be replaced. Maintenance costs are high, but the price is low. The tray has the advantages of fast transmission speed, long distance and convenient maintenance. The pallets are divided into chains and wire ropes. The chain is heavy and easily broken. The wire rope overcomes the above shortcomings and has been widely used. There are nylon, steel and cast aluminum on the market. Due to the insufficient strength of nylon, several factors affecting the quality of the automatic feeding system of the pig farm were gradually eliminated.

Third, the construction factors of the farm and the installation and renovation of the automated pig equipment are similar. The quality of the installation has a great impact on the quality of the complete set of equipment. Therefore, choosing a better company and construction team is more critical.

Fourth, the cost of accessories. Similar to the car after-sales, the cost gap between different manufacturers is very large.

The above describes how to choose automated pig equipment, I hope you have read the above introduction.