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Knowledge quiz for automated pig equipment

Edit:Qingzhou Mukang Machinery Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-06-12

1. What is the specification for the use of automated pig equipment?

The design and manufacture of automated pig equipment is a cross-disciplinary and comprehensive process involving mechanical, electronic, automation control, building materials, animal husbandry and veterinary. The equipment will continue to improve with the development of science. Due to the actual conditions and the environmental climate, the specifications, models and materials of the equipment are different, and the same requirements are not required during use.

Second, what principles should be followed in automated pig raising equipment?

Based on saving manpower and material resources, a series of automation equipment developed for automated pig raising equipment. However, many people still don't know much about this kind of automatic farming, and there are also many problems. Therefore, the following principles should be followed:

1. Use durable pig equipment.

2. With the continuous expansion of the scale of modern pig farms, large-scale pig farms should adopt a design scheme that suits them.

3. Scientifically design pig pens according to production scale and modern production technology. Therefore, this kind of automated pig raising equipment should be selected according to the actual situation and used reasonably. Blind choices not only do not work well, but also cause a lot of waste.

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Third, how to buy automated pig equipment?

At present, pigs should choose suitable modern pig equipment, which is convenient and clean.

A good environment for growth. So, how should they choose for the pig farm staff?

1. We should know before purchasing pig equipment. Some manufacturers offer cheaper prices, but the materials used are worth thinking about.

2. Understand the actual situation of your pig farm and whether the equipment is suitable for use.

3. Understand the characteristics of the equipment and understand the basic plan of the pig pen. Some equipment manufacturers aim to sell more products without regard to the cost of the pig farm.

4, shop around, let as many equipment manufacturers as possible to quote and compare. For example: the material of the equipment and the strength of the manufacturer of the installed spare parts.