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Features of automated chicken equipment and some supporting equipment

Edit:Qingzhou Mukang Machinery Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-06-12

At present, many chicken farmers have begun to use automated chicken equipment to improve work quality and efficiency and reduce labor intensity. The following describes the characteristics of automated chicken equipment and some supporting equipment:

First, the characteristics of automated chicken equipment and the introduction of some supporting equipment:

1. Stepped culture, the number of layers can be selected, the density of cultivation in unit space is high, and the feed output is large, which can achieve reasonable benefits.

2. Automatically adding drinking water can save manpower, increase labor productivity, and increase egg-to-feed ratio.

3, automatic egg collection, reduce labor costs, and stable efficiency.

4, transport-type automatic cleaning, dry and hygienic, labor-saving, can wash the feces several times a day, greatly reducing the respiratory disease of chickens.

5, concentrated feeding, reduce the flow of workers in the chicken house, which is conducive to the prevention and treatment of chicken disease.

Second, supporting equipment

The chicken cage of the automated chicken equipment is 225*60*45cm, divided into 5 doors, and 6 chickens are kept in a single door. The area occupied by a chicken is 450 square centimeters. The size of the cage can also be designed and planned according to the size of the house. However, the area occupied by chickens cannot be lower than this figure. This is the equipment needed for stepped automated chicken equipment. The following two types of equipment are introduced:

1, clearing machine

Stepped automated chicken equipment requires a flat belt cleaner.

There are two types of conveyors, one is a pure plastic conveyor belt and the other is a canvas conveyor belt. The former is cheap, the latter is expensive, not much expensive, about 5 yuan, but the quality of the latter is much better than the former.

So how do you choose? Let me tell you what the flat belt cleaning is afraid of, and you will know how to choose. The flat belt cleaner transports chicken manure using a conveyor belt. The fear is that the flat belt has gone off, and as long as there is a deviation, it is basically abandoned.

Automated chicken equipment requires one or more conveyor belts, so attention should be paid to the deviation of the flat belt. The conveyor belt automatically cleans the feces, which is dry and hygienic, saves labor, reduces cross-infection caused by environmental pollution, and prevents diseases.

2, feeding machine

The automatic chicken feeding equipment has high feeding precision, and the feeding error per meter length is not more than 5g. Join the ROTEM company meter to accurately measure the feed intake of the chicken and manage the cluster more conveniently. The driving material machine 2.0 steel plate is pressed and formed.