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Introduction to the installation and function of the fan wet curtain

Edit:Qingzhou Mukang Machinery Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-06-12

In our industrial production workshops and some public places, in order to better cool down, we usually choose a relatively environmentally friendly and energy-saving equipment, namely the fan wet curtain. Here's a look at its installation:

1. For the design and installation of the fan wet curtain, the staff needs to take it seriously. If the indoor window is high from the ground, the distance between the wet curtain and the fan should be negative pressure vertical ventilation, and the fan and wet curtain should be installed at both ends.

2. When there is a workshop at one end of the room, the wet curtain cannot be installed on the wall at one end. The wet curtain can then be mounted on the side wall adjacent to the room and the fan can be mounted diagonally on the opposite wall.

3. When the gable between the gable and the fan is too long to reach the expected effect, in order to reduce the resistance loss, the horizontal ventilation mode can be adopted, that is, the fan and the wet curtain are installed in groups.

4. The wet curtain arrangement is generally selected at the upwind port, and the fan is arranged at the downwind port. The entrance needs to have more air intake space.

5, 6-8 square fan wet curtain is suitable, should be evenly distributed.

6. The pre-buried installation of the negative pressure fan and the wet curtain is to reserve or cut off the position of the fan and the wet curtain on the building wall. Note that the installation needs to be installed by someone who knows.

Use of fan wet curtain after installation

1. After the pump stops for 30 minutes, turn off the fan and let it dry.

After the system stops running, check whether the water in the water tank is drained to avoid long-term immersion in the water at the bottom of the wet curtain.

2, cleaning

Remove scale and algae from the wet curtain surface. After drying, gently scrub with a soft brush to avoid cross brushing. (First brush a part, check if the fan wet curtain is resistant to brushing) Then start the water supply system to avoid cleaning with steam or high pressure water.

In the season when the fan curtain is not used, the rodenticide can be sprayed with a rodent net underneath.

3, spray pipe cleaning

Open the screw plugs at both ends, insert them with a rubber hose with an outer diameter of about 25, connect the tap water at the other end, and rinse.

4. If the pump is not used for a period of time, it should be placed in clean water, run for 5 minutes, clean the mud inside and outside the pump, then rub the anti-rust oil, and put it in a dry and ventilated place.