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Buy stainless steel pig trough can not only look at the price

Edit:Qingzhou Mukang Machinery Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-11-29

Regardless of the service life or number of pig farms, most of them choose stainless steel pig troughs. But buying troughs can not only look at the price. Pay more attention to its quality.

  1. The pig also uses the thickness of the stainless steel plate and the stainless steel groove, but the difference between the two is that the thickness of the pig groove is 0. 1. 2 mm.

Remarks: The fattening pig has a fast growing period, high feed intake and high intensity. The thin stainless steel plate affects the service life of the stainless steel pig trough.

  2. The standard for distinguishing the trough is that if the weight of the trough of the same size and the same type of stainless steel is different, it means that some places are cutting corners.

  3. The new design point of the stainless steel pig trough has no dead ends at the punching opening. The advantage is that the feed that is dropped is eaten cleanly by the pigs, and there is no shortage of food or mildew.

Note: The consumption of moldy feed by live pigs directly affects diarrhea, leading to loss of economic benefits in pig farms.

  4. The lower end of the trough is generally less than 10 cm, which is designed by most manufacturers. If this problem occurs, it is easy to cause feed out and waste of feed.

  5. Automatic adjustment, ordinary stainless steel iron trough on the market, no adjuster, more cutting, stealing rats, wasting live pigs, causing 3-5 yuan waste of feed per day.

The essence of making money on a pig farm is management, followed by careful calculation. If you do not choose the pig equipment suitable for you, it is not conducive to management and income will also be affected.