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Are you still using a traditional coal-fired stove

Edit:Qingzhou Mukang Machinery Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-12-06

Many chicken farmers now use the traditional coal-fired hot blast stove as their equipment. With everyone's emphasis on ecological environment and environmental protection, a biomass hot blast stove has been launched. The fuel used in this equipment is biomass pellets. So who is better for traditional coal-fired stoves and biomass stoves? Next, the editor will give you a detailed analysis:

We conducted a pilot comparison of chicken breeding data in Anhui Province. The area of ​​the chicken house in the pilot of Anhui Province No. 1 is 1200 square meters, and there are about 15000 chickens at a time, surrounded by 300 ㎡ Within the range, the temperature required for the chicks is {{3}} ° C, and the temperature will be lowered appropriately as the chicks grow. Each batch of chickens grows for approximately 80 days, and each year there are 3 batches of chickens per shed.

At the same temperature maintenance, 24 hours using the same weight of fuel 150 kg, the biomass hot blast stove achieves greater cost efficiency while increasing boiler thermal efficiency.

When using a coal-fired hot blast stove, the fuel coal will produce sulfide pollution, the air will have a relatively big smell, and it needs to be manually added 3-5 times a day, and it needs to get up 2-3 times at night to observe. In addition, the smell of the coal stove will cause discomfort to the chicken's respiratory tract. Adding coal every day needs to enter and exit the chicken house 3-5 times, which increases the probability of bacterial invasion and affects the survival rate of the chicken.

When using biomass hot blast stove, the material is biomass pellets, there is no smell after combustion, the degree of automation is high, only need to add fuel once a day, no need to control all day, with remote control, you can observe and control the boiler at night by looking at the mobile phone , No need to get up and observe. In addition, the biomass particles have no taste after burning, and will not pollute the air of the chicken house. As long as they enter the chicken house once a day, the probability of the chickens being infected with bacteria is reduced, and the survival rate of the chickens is improved.