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Use of stainless steel trough

Edit:Qingzhou Mukang Machinery Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-12-14

  0010010 nbsp; {{1}} nbsp; 1. The piggery stainless steel trough saves feed: the structure of the product prevents the pig from digging out the feed in the tank while eating. Pigs can only arch the feed control board when they want to eat, and put the feed into the bottom of the feed tank.

Replace all new and old feed. The separate punching method of the feed chute can adjust the punching flow according to the feeding requirements of the pig, reducing feed waste and deterioration. The double-sided feed chute can also control the punching flow on both sides of the feed chute, and the feed is closed on one side without wasting the feed amount.

  2. The pig house stainless steel double-fabric canister, which collects grain and sanitation. The design of the bottom of the tank is scientific and hygienic. The structure of the product prevents pigs from putting their feet in the trough during feeding, thus achieving clean and hygienic feed.

  3. The feeding efficiency of the pig house stainless steel double-sided feeding trough is high: because there are materials in the feeding trough from time to time, the pig feeding requirements are realized, so the development is relatively fast. Compared with the conventional feeding method, it can be placed on the market 25 days in advance, and the feeding cycle is short.

  4. The pig house uses a stainless steel trough, which can save manpower: each trough can feed about 40 pigs.

The large-capacity design of the tank can add 150 kilograms of feed at a time. It can provide pig feed for two days at a time, reducing feeding times and labor costs.

  5. Wide scope of application: The stainless steel feed trough is suitable for the matching use of the automatic feeding system, and powder and granular materials can be used.