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Introduction of common automatic chicken equipment in chicken farm (Part 2)

Edit:Qingzhou Mukang Machinery Co., Ltd.UpDate:2020-01-11

Continued from the book, continue to look at the commonly used automatic chicken equipment in chicken farms:

(1) Feeding equipment

In the feeding and management of chickens, feeding consumes a large amount of labor, so large mechanized chicken farms use mechanical feeding systems to improve labor efficiency.

The feeding system includes four parts: storage tower, feeder, feeder and feed trough.

Chicken farm feeding equipment

(2) Manure removal equipment

There are two methods of manure removal in the chicken house: manual and mechanical.

Common equipment for mechanical manure removal include scraper-type manure cleaner, conveyor belt manure cleaner and drawer manure cleaner.

◆ Scraper plate type manure cleaner is mostly used for ladder cage and online flat raising;

◆ Conveyor belt manure cleaners are mostly used for stacked cages

◆ Drawer-type manure removal board is mostly used for small stacked chicken cages.

Chicken farm equipment

(3) Environmental control equipment

◆ Lighting equipment Lighting equipment is mainly chicken house lighting fixtures and automatic lighting controller. Lighting fixtures mainly include incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps, ultraviolet lamps, energy-saving lamps and portable spotlights, etc., which can be selected according to needs.

◆ Ventilation equipment The main technical parameters of domestic longitudinal ventilation axial fans are: flow rate 31400 m 3 / h, wind pressure 3 9. 2 Pa, blade speed 3 5 2 r / min, motor power is 0. 75 W, noise is not more than 74 dB.

◆ Wet curtain fan cooling system The main function of the wet pad fan cooling system is that summer air enters the chicken house through the wet pad, which can reduce the temperature of the air entering the chicken house and its effect on cooling.