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Working principle of coal-fired hot blast stove

Edit:Qingzhou Mukang Machinery Co., Ltd.UpDate:2020-04-10

With the needs of our industrial production, coal-fired hot blast stove equipment is now required in many industrial production fields. Like the horizontal hand-fired hot blast stove common around us, it is the hot blast stove equipment that is currently used more, although it looks simple in structure The working principle is not particularly complicated, but if we want to fully understand how it works, we have to analyze it from its internal structure. Below we will analyze the working principle of these hot blast stoves together with the editor. .

The heat generated by the combustion of coal and the air blown by the blower exchange heat in the heat exchanger to heat the indoor air. Raw coal is added to the coal hopper at one end of the coal burning machine through the coal loading machine. The coal layer is fed into the combustion chamber of the coal burning machine at a uniform speed by the chain grate. The combustion-supporting air is sent to the distribution room by the fan. Bunker, and then through the coal seam through the grate. The volatiles in the bituminous coal escape first, the fixed carbon is in full contact with the air on the chain grate and generates high-temperature smoke, and the high-temperature flame is ejected from the fire exit of the coal burner. The burned-out coal slag is discharged from the other end of the coal-fired machine to the slag-out machine, and sent out through the automatic scraper slag-out machine. The high-temperature flame enters the high-temperature gas purification room for secondary combustion, and the dust entrained in the flue gas is settled by high-temperature polymerization in the purification room. The clean hot air from the purification room is mixed with a certain amount of cold air, and the hot air mixed into the material at the temperature required for drying enters the drying equipment to dry the material.

Nowadays, the range of use of these coal-fired hot blast stoves is more common, but when we use these hot blast stoves, we must also pay attention to some matters of use. When the hot blast stoves are running, we must always check whether the extinguishing chamber has burned parts, such as If the damaged part is found, it should be stopped and repaired before use. During shutdown, the furnace temperature should be lowered below 300 ° C before the feeding can be stopped to prevent the temperature from being too high to damage the equipment, so that these coal-fired hot air furnace equipment can be used well.