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Different automated chicken breeding equipment use different results

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Different automated chicken breeding equipment has different service life

There are many manufacturers of production equipment in China, and the quality is also uneven. Some manufacturers use inferior materials to make equipment. Cage nets are cold-galvanized or painted, and are damaged after 1-2 years. Some manufacturers use hot-dip galvanized cage nets or foreign materials, no problem for more than ten years. In this way, the cost sharing of equipment has a great impact on efficiency.

Different equipment saves different labor

As we all know, with the increasing cost of human resources, social farming activities that required a lot of human resources in the past have been replaced by machines and a few people. At present, large-scale chicken farms basically adopt automatic equipment for breeding. Fully automatic chicken breeding can save a lot of manpower, reduce the number of chicken farm personnel, and improve feeding efficiency.

A major advantage of using automated chicken breeding equipment is that it saves farmers labor costs. Farmers can reduce labor employment by using automatic chicken farming equipment. In the past, it took more than a dozen people to raise 5 million chickens. After using automatic equipment, only 1-2 people.

Although chicken farming is only a microcosm, automated equipment has been widely used in all aspects of manufacturing and is also an important part of industrial upgrading. With the update of equipment and the development of technology, more and more automation equipment and industrial robots come to the production workshop, which reduces the labor cost and greatly improves the production efficiency.

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