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Automated pig raising equipment increases labor efficiency

Edit:Qingzhou Mukang Machinery Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-06-12

Automated pig raising equipment mainly solves the problem of low efficiency of artificial breeding. At present, pig workers mainly have two jobs: clearing feces and raising pigs. The average pig farm owner spends half of his time on the stool.

The past half of the time was spent on raising pigs. Now it is a pig farm. The more pigs workers raise, the higher their performance pay. But the greater the physical labor, the automated pig-raising equipment saves half the workforce. There are usually 10,000 pig farms if an automatic feeding system is used.

The automated pig raising equipment automatically feeds the feed from the feed tower to the pig feed tank. The feed is controlled by time. You can set a few feeding times each day. The three-phase AC motor can be turned on at the set turn-on time to drive the scraper chain to start feeding. When the downtime is set, the sensor detects the feeding condition during the feeding process, cuts off the three-phase AC power supply, and stops feeding. The control box is equipped with a mature time control switch, which can be set for more than 8 time periods per day. The feeding time depends on the length of the feeding line, the number of pigs and the feed intake of the pig.

The automatic feeding system in the automated pig raising equipment is a product developed by our company for the pig farm. The sensor automatically detects the level of material in the feed tank. When the feed chute is out of material, the feed motor is started under the control of the microprocessor. When the feed chute is full, the sensor detects the feed state and the feed motor stops feeding. The warehouse can hold 2000 kg of feed. The feed motor feeds the warehouse. When the warehouse is short of material, the control box emits an audible and visual alarm, prompting the workers to feed. After the warehouse is full, the control box indicates that the feed has stopped. The automatic feeding system can realize automatic operation, reduce the labor intensity of workers, and improve the production efficiency of pig farms. The automatic feeding system is a complete set of sow precision feeding system and breeding pig identification system developed by our company.

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