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Detailed description of the fan wet curtain

Edit:Qingzhou Mukang Machinery Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-06-12

Fan wet curtain air freshness: through the cooperation of the fan and the water curtain, the physical process of natural humidification and cooling is adopted. Continuously pump in fresh air to purify the working environment and improve the environmental comfort.

The cost of the fan wet curtain is low: due to the simple structure of the wet curtain cooling system, the data used is relatively low in price and low in cost, which is one-third of the investment in air-conditioning equipment. The fan curtain is quiet and comfortable. Large air volume, no oscillation, low noise and large cooling capacity.

Fan wet curtain energy saving and environmental protection: environmentally friendly products without fluorine refrigerant enzyme, equivalent to the operating cost of compressor air conditioning is much lower. The power consumption is only 1/20 of that of the compressor air conditioner, and it has ventilation and ventilation function, which cannot be compared with the traditional air conditioner.

Detailed description of the fan wet curtain

1. Water quantity control: The purpose of water supply is to make the wet curtain evenly wet, and the fine water flow flows downstream along the wet curtain corrugation. Water can be controlled by adjusting the water supply.

2, water quality control: adhere to clear water, water pH between 6-9, conductivity is less than 1000 micro ohms. Regularly clean the pool and reciprocating system to make the wet curtain water supply system clean, try to prevent dust from falling into the reciprocating water, and keep the water supply quality good.

3. When the wet curtain paper pad is not dry or wet, adjust the water volume of the water supply valve or check whether the water pump and water pipe are working properly. Clean the pool in time and clean up the stolen goods in the water supply reciprocating system.

4. Routine maintenance: After the pump stops for 20-30 minutes, turn off the fan, and let the dry and wet curtains dry once a week.

5, wet curtain finishing: If there is scale on the wet curtain, after the wet curtain is dry, use a soft brush to gently scrub up and down to prevent cross-brushing, then start the water supply system, rinse the scale or dust on the surface of the wet curtain.