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The temperature of the culture stove and the temperature of the cooler are abnormal. So what should we do now?

Edit:Qingzhou Mukang Machinery Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-06-12

During the use of a cultured hot blast stove , we may be affected by mechanical failure or sudden changes in external conditions. We were unable to take timely measures to operate the hot blast stove, resulting in abnormal oven temperature and cooler temperature. So what should we do now?

If the temperature of the cultured hot blast stove is low, it may be due to inaccurate feeding system after the failure of weighing and timely discovery. If the effect cannot be stopped after taking the measures, it may cause abnormal furnace conditions or furnace freezing accidents. At this point, the following measures should be taken decisively:

(1) Reduce the air in the furnace by about 50% to control the material speed. The temperature of the cultured hot blast stove is kept cool.

(2) While reducing the air flow, increase a batch of net coke and reduce the coke load accordingly.

(3) Organize the slag removal in front of the furnace, try to avoid the occurrence of burnout accidents at the tuyere, and wait for the net coke to be sent to the furnace.

(4) Make the wind pressure and air volume symmetrical so as not to collapse and hang.

(5) Reasons for the lack of hot air furnace and treatment methods:

1 smokestacks do not match. If the installed chimney does not match the hot blast stove, it will cause a low fire problem. It should be noted that the diameter of the chicken hot blast stove should not be less than the diameter of the boiler outlet, and the height of the chimney should not be lower than required.

2 The fuel quality is poor, the calorific value is low, and the coking performance is high. Users can replace better furnace fuel, and wood chip fuel is better.

3Adjust the feeding speed arbitrarily, less fuel than fuel consumption. Processing method: According to the use requirements, match the fuel, adjust the feed rate, and prevent waste of gasification fuel.

4 The pipe is clogged, and the area is gray, resulting in excessive accumulation of dust and poor ventilation. The hook is used to clean the slag in the furnace, close the coal door, open the slag door, and the coal is operated normally after the flame rises.