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Working principle and performance characteristics of coal-fired hot blast stove

Edit:Qingzhou Mukang Machinery Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-06-12

1. The combustion chamber and heat exchanger of the coal-fired hot blast stove are integrated. The whole steel plate multi-layer casing structure is adopted. The lower part of the hearth is a combustion chamber, and the upper part and the periphery are annular heat exchangers. Air and smoke are bidirectional, with heat transfer through each channel. In order to improve the thermal efficiency, the multi-head spiral groove heat transfer technology and the turbulence principle are used to reduce the laminar flow thickness, so that the air and the flue gas constantly change the rotation direction in the process, and the heat exchange effect is greatly enhanced.

2. The main working process of the coal-fired hot blast stove is: the coal-fired high-temperature flue gas is generated in the furnace, enters the smoke ring under the action of the fan, exchanges heat with the outside air, is discharged from the chimney through the flue, and the cold air is blown in by the fan. The hot air furnace shell is supplied to the equipment requiring clean hot air through the hot air outlet pipe through the top of the furnace.

3. The equipment of coal-fired hot blast stove consists of grate, refractory brick, reflector, hot blast stove main body, flue and intake pipe, dust collector, chimney and its support, induced draft fan (including regulating valve), fan (including regulating valve) And temperature measuring instruments and other components.

4. Performance characteristics of coal-fired hot blast stove

a. Use coal as a fuel.

b. Use clean hot air as the drying medium, low energy consumption, high thermal efficiency, automatic temperature measurement and display.

c. Convenient operation, convenient use, good quality of supporting equipment, and high performance index.

d. Input level. If Type II and Type III bituminous coal are used as fuel, the sulfur content should be less than 1%. Coal should not be mixed with impurities such as wood, stones and metals, and large coal should be crushed.

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