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Installation instructions for coal-fired hot blast stove
- 2019-06-12-

After the coal-fired hot blast stove is transported to the site, in order to operate better, the following preparations are required before installation:

1. The personnel who install the coal-fired hot blast stove need to be responsible by a special person, and there are firefighters, fitters, cranes, cold workers, welders and auxiliary workers.

2. Organize relevant personnel to study materials, organize relevant personnel to familiarize with hot air stove drawings, installation instructions and other technical documents to understand and master the installation, lifting, operation and other matters.

3, decide the installation location

1) The installation site should be close to the hot spot, shorten the hot air duct, reduce the capital cost and reduce the heat loss of the pipeline.

2) Convenient storage and transportation of fuel and ash.

3) The road is smooth when the hot blast stove is installed and transported.

4) The arrangement of the hot air furnace room should be light, well ventilated, and there is no water on the ground. For operation and maintenance, 4-5 meters in front of the furnace, 15-12 meters behind the furnace, 2 meters left and right, and the height of the hot air furnace room is not less than 1 meter.

5) It is strictly forbidden to use flammable or explosive materials in the hot air furnace room.

6) The doors and windows of the hot air furnace room should be opened outwards, and the lounge and windows should be opened outwards.

4. Ground preparation for grounding drawing construction, drawing the installation reference of the hot air furnace body, and pouring the foundation of the hot air furnace with concrete. The installation of the auxiliary machine should be carried out in accordance with the requirements of the instruction manual of the auxiliary machine. The basis of the auxiliary machine should be based on the actual object, and the basis of the auxiliary machine should be poured.

5. Inspection and acceptance of coal-fired hot blast stove

1) After the hot blast stove arrives, check the parts according to the manufacturer's list and check the equipment integrity according to the hot blast stove installation drawing. Check the large parts of the hot blast stove for damage or deformation during transportation. If there is damage, deformation, etc., the installation department will not install it.

2) When lifting is required, the weight of the hot blast stove body is not less than its own weight. The installation of the main body of the hot blast stove should be placed on a level basis. The furnace body should be perpendicular to the ground. The slope must not exceed 10 mm. The main body of the hot blast stove shall be perpendicular to the middle and its deviation shall not be greater than 5 mm.


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