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Maintenance, maintenance and precautions for stainless steel chutes

Edit:Qingzhou Mukang Machinery Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-06-12

1. System maintenance and maintenance of stainless steel trough

1. The stainless steel double trough automatic feeding system is maintained by a special person. Other personnel on the pig farm are not allowed to operate at will to avoid accidents.

2. The feeding motor is 380V power supply. The main power cable should use four square copper core wires. In addition, the power cable needs to be installed firmly. By the way, the price of stainless steel double cloth trough is not easy to get in contact with livestock.

3, the warehouse is relatively high, usually placed outdoors. After the equipment is installed, a rain shed should be set up to prevent rain from dripping into the control box.

4. The interface of the feed pipe should be sealed with glass glue to prevent rainwater from flowing into the feed pipe and contaminating the feed.

5. After the funnel is used up, cover it with wooden boards to prevent leaves, plastic bags and lime soil from entering the funnel and contaminating the feed.

6. Check the sensor signal line to avoid being bitten by the mouse, or loosen or fall off, and bitten by a pig.

Note on the use of stainless steel troughs:

1. Each feeding tank feed funnel is not easy to overcharge, and the loading amount is to bury three funnels.

2, the feed trough should avoid foreign matter in the feed, such as plastic bags, branches, wire and other foreign objects, in order to prevent the motor from crashing.

3. Pay attention to safety during the feeding process. When processing the stainless steel chute, do not reach into the suction port of the funnel to prevent the hand from being screwed into the machine.

4. If there is any abnormality, the motor power should be cut off in time. After handling the fault, you can turn on the power.

5. The feeding motor can only rotate clockwise, and the phase sequence of the three-phase power supply of the motor cannot be adjusted at will.

The above describes the maintenance, maintenance and precautions of the stainless steel trough. I hope that you can get some useful knowledge from it. Our company has many years of production experience, the quality of the equipment produced is good, the price is reasonable, the after-sales service is perfect, if you have For questions or purchase needs, please call our website and we will be happy to help you.