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Brief introduction of automatic chicken cage equipment

Edit:Qingzhou Mukang Machinery Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-06-22

Hello everyone, let ’s understandAutomatic chicken cage equipmentRelated information of the chicken coop:

0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; 1. Raw materials for chicken cages:

  1, the raw materials use better national standard Q-235 high-speed wire.

  2, the tensile strength of the wire material reaches 490 MPa, the product elongation reaches 23%, it is better to achieve high hardness and elasticity of the steel wire for a long time, so that the product is not easy to deform , Compared with other types of wire, the product life is increased for more than three years.

  3, using better wire drawing equipment and wire drawing technology, the surface of the steel wire is smooth, without cracks and scratches and other harmful defects, after the cage mesh is formed, it can better reduce the damage of the chicken feet and reduce The occurrence of staphylococci caused by wire lacerations infecting chicken feet.

2. Galvanizing process of chicken cage:

The company's dispatched technicians go abroad to learn a new galvanizing process, and introduce foreign automatic galvanizing production lines. The thickness of the zinc layer of the new galvanizing process is 5 times that of traditional galvanizing, so the galvanized products are rust and corrosion resistant Sex can compete with car wheels. Compared with similar products, the life of the chicken cage is increased 5 times, and the service life of the chicken cage is increased, which saves a lot of costs for chicken farmers.

3. The design of chicken coop:

  1. The chicken cage adopts vertical 90 ° angle design, without using the traditional chicken cage ’s curved angle, it can better increase the verticality of the chicken cage, reduce deformation, increase physical elasticity, and use for a long time specialty.

  2. The chicken cage door adopts the horizontal pull type cage door. In the chicken breeding equipment industry, this kind of cage door Jinxing is the first to use. Compared with the traditional vertical sliding door, the space is larger and it is easier to operate. This horizontal sliding door is equipped with an improved large anti-slope food trough. It is better to reduce the throwing of feed by the chicken, which not only saves the feed, but also reduces the feathers off the neck of the chicken, so that the chicken can maintain a good appearance.

  3. The egg tray on the laying cage is automatically formed by a hydraulic press. The low net drum can effectively reduce the sagging of the mesh and effectively increase the service life of the egg tray on the cage. At the same time, good elasticity can effectively reduce egg breakage and effectively improve efficiency while reducing layer fatigue and increasing egg production.

The above is the introduction of the automatic chicken cage equipment chicken cage. The automatic chicken cage equipment production chicken cage welcomes your inquiries!