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Performance characteristics and principles of coal-fired hot blast stove

Edit:Qingzhou Mukang Machinery Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-06-29

The coal-fired hot blast stove has a fast temperature rise, small size, easy installation, stable use, and low price.

working principle

The furnace integrates combustion and heat exchange as a new type of indirect heating technology that exchanges heat at the high temperature part of the furnace body. Smoke and air travel in different ways. The heating is environmentally friendly and the thermal efficiency is high (up to 60-75%).

Coal-fired hot blast stovePerformance characteristics

High temperature resistance measures have been taken, which greatly extend the service life of the tube type hot blast stove, and use longitudinal flue gas flushing fins and negative pressure smoke exhaust method. The heat exchange parts do not accumulate dust, no cleaning, and the thermal performance is stable. A variety of coal or firewood can be used as fuel, and a secondary air intake device is used to burn through.

Coal-fired hot blast stove adapts to materials

The furnace is a universal hot air device, which is used in conjunction with drying equipment for various materials. It is commonly used for heating and dehumidifying agricultural products, food, medicines, chemical raw materials, light and heavy industrial products such as grain, seeds, feed, fruits, dehydrated vegetables, sweet rue, fungus, white fungus, tea, tobacco, etc., and can also be used for heating and Treasury dehumidification, etc.

The coal-fired hot blast stove is an organic combination of mechanical chain grate incineration equipment and heat exchangers planned according to specific working conditions. It is used in a monotonous system to supply pure hot air and {{1} at high temperatures up to 550 ℃ }} An energy-saving heat source for mixed air. It has the characteristics of heating and environmental protection, stable and adjustable output temperature, and high thermal power (up to 80%). It is widely used in chemical, food, medicinal materials, minerals, mining, food, building materials and other operations. It can be used as a heat source for heating, monotony, baking, heat setting, heating, greenhouse cultivation and dehumidification of warehouses. Biomass coal burning The furnace uses coal and biomass as heat sources. It adopts horizontal settlement and mechanized incineration methods, which reduces the labor intensity of workers and increases the incineration power. It has a simple structure, high heat exchange power, good energy saving, and dust exchange. The heater has less pollution, uniform thermal stress, and avoids heat exchange dead angle.