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Features of automatic chicken cage equipment

Edit:Qingzhou Mukang Machinery Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-07-12

The automatic chicken cage equipment is to save labor, and the industrial revolution of chicken breeding is driven by the development of science and technology. The automatic chicken breeding equipment includes automatic feeding machine, automatic manure cleaning machine, automatic egg picking chicken, automatic temperature control system, etc. As labor becomes more and more expensive, in order to save labor costs, many farmers start to use fully automated chicken breeding equipment, which is also the result of the increasing progress of industrialization. So, how to choose Automated equipment has also become a heart disease for every farmer. What causes this result? Because there are too many manufacturers and the equipment is similar, but the production process is uneven, and the quality is also quite different, so how to choose? My suggestion is to choose our Zhongzhou Animal Husbandry Equipment Co., Ltd. products.

Features of automatic chicken cage equipment:

  1, cascading breeding, the number of layers is optional, up to 10 layers, the breeding density per unit space is relatively high, the feeding output is large, and the benefits can be reasonably doubled.

  2, automatic feeding, drinking water, save manpower, improve labor productivity, and improve the ratio of egg to material.

  3, automatic egg collection, reduce labor costs and stability.

  4. Automatic manure removal by conveying, dry and sanitary, saving labor, can be used for manure removal many times a day, greatly reducing respiratory diseases of chickens.

  5 Concentration of feeding, reducing the amount of staff ’s mobile contact in the chicken house, which is beneficial to chicken disease prevention and control

Chicken farming is a highly polluting industry, and automatic chicken cage equipment is a highly polluting industry. More and more manufacturers of equipment are in trouble. What is the reason, because energy conservation and emission reduction call our production enterprises Pay more attention to environmental protection, but due to the use of organic solvents, the galvanized products are very polluting the local area. At present, only our company uses the electrostatic spray series product production line, which is also a relatively large electrostatic spray production line, so we The company can develop for a long time.