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How to realize automatic chicken cage equipment for raising chickens

Edit:Qingzhou Mukang Machinery Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-07-20

China's chicken industry has been on the road of rapid development in recent years. More and more fully automatic chicken cage equipment has appeared in the chicken industry. For users of large-scale egg-breeding chickens, automated equipment can help them It is undoubtedly a good news to carry out breeding work. Now many breeding friends have implemented automatic chicken cage equipment to raise chickens. How do they achieve it?

If you want to realize automatic chicken cage equipment for raising chickens, you need to purchase chicken cages and other related equipment. Automatic chicken cage equipment not only has chicken cage equipment, but also needs to buy automatic manure cleaners, automatic feeders, and hens. It is also necessary to purchase a fully automatic egg picking machine, these devices can automatically complete the work of raising chickens in the hen house, and improve the efficiency of breeding. In addition, the way of raising chickens has improved. The previous techniques of raising chickens are also not suitable for the cultivation of fully automatic chicken cage equipment. Farmers must learn modern chicken raising techniques to ensure the healthy growth of chickens. With equipment and scientific and reasonable management Technology, farmers can obtain higher economic benefits.

The automatic chicken cage equipment breeding is high-density chicken breeding, and the number of chickens is relatively large, so farmers should pay attention to the prevention and treatment of diseases, and the idea of ​​prevention is greater than cure. Chicken flocks cause serious losses to farmers. When transferring chicken flocks to chicken cages, farmers must also be vaccinated to control diseases. At the same time, farmers must learn the correct immunization procedures to be immunized successfully.

After the full-automatic chicken cage equipment was put into use, the problems of ventilation and manure removal in farms that had always troubled farmers were solved in detail, and the egg breaking rate also dropped from 1% to 1/1000. When the device is used, the air inlet, oxygen content and humidity can be adjusted to ensure the healthy growth of chickens and the safety and quality of eggs, so that the eggs are free of residual medicine. It also helps users to realize a series of processes that need to be completed manually, such as automatic egg picking, manure removal, feeding, and cooling to reduce the bacteria caused by artificial breeding. After the equipment is put into use, the breeding scale will be expanded from the current hundreds of thousands to hundreds of thousands.

The fully automatic chicken cage equipment not only greatly reduces the electricity consumption of the farm, but also saves labor costs. Therefore, the breeding industry is now more and more like the use of this equipment. Our company mainly produces laying hen cages, broiler cages, brooder cages, automatic feeders, automatic manure cleaners, automatic egg transfer equipment, automatic drinking equipment, environmental control systems Automatic chicken breeding equipment.