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Talking about the evaluation method of feed position and feed quality of stainless steel pig trough

Edit:Qingzhou Mukang Machinery Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-07-20

0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; In the pig raising and fattening stage, feed cost accounts for more than 70% of the pig raising cost, so the choice of stainless steel pig trough More important. How to get the feed amount of each pig to reduce the waste is a problem that needs to be considered when designing and selecting the pig groove. Taking into account the type of feed tank and the number of feed pigs, the concept of feed position is introduced: the feed position is the tank space where the pig feeds. Therefore, what we need to consider is how to evaluate the feed position of several pigs and the quality of each feed potential.

1. The quality of the feeding position of the stainless steel pig trough 0010010 nbsp;

  1, width of feeding position 0010010 nbsp;

In order to protect the feeding space of the pigs, the width of the feeding position is generally recommended to be 1. 1 times the width of the pig ’s shoulder. . 7 (cm) * Weight (kg) ^ 0. 333. 30 kg corresponds to 20. 8 cm, {{2}} 0kg corresponds to 2 {{2}}. {{11} } cm, 1 20 kg corresponds to 33 cm

  2, deeper feeding position

The recommended feeding position is deeper: nursery pigs 10-20 cm, fattening pigs 25-30 cm, and nursery fattening 25-30 cm.

  3, edge height

Recommended feeding height of the edge: 5-10cm for nursery pigs, 10-15cm for fattening pigs, and 10-12cm for nursery and fattening. The size of a stainless steel trough for fattening pigs 0010010 nbsp;

  4, whether there is a block between feeding positions 0010010 nbsp;

If you can achieve 1. 1 times the shoulder width, there is basically no fighting situation from the block to the pig ’s shoulder, and the average incidence of fighting from block to head is about 7%, and If there is no block, there is an average fighting rate of about 1 9%. The experimental data also showed that there was less waste of feed on the shoulder or head of the pig. This is why some tube feeders are not recommended.

2. Each feeding position of the stainless steel pig trough can supply several pigs

Traditionally, it is recommended that each feeding position supply about 5 pigs, and it is said that a single feeder (as shown below) can manage 40 pigs. The feeding time or speed of each pig per day is the key to determine how many pigs to feed each feeding position. 0010010 nbsp;

The number of pigs supplied is actually 24 hours of pigs feeding each day, which will affect the daily weight gain and feed ratio of the pigs. In fact, the feeding time of pigs decreases with increasing age and weight. The data we obtained using the Austrian feeding equipment also reflects this trend. When the pig weight reaches 70 kg, the average daily feeding time is basically fixed.

This brings two issues to consider:

  1 The feed waste rate may be higher in small pigs. Does the feeder setting need to take more factors into consideration?

  2. The pigs have a long feeding time, and sometimes the insufficient feeding position occurs at a young age.

In general, there are the following suggestions for several pigs for each feeding position:

  1, each stainless steel pig trough can feed 8-10 pigs;

  2, each of the wet and dry feeders can feed 12 pigs;

  3 The recommendation given by the PIC manual of the tube feeder is 11 pigs per side. According to the length of the trough, it is 51 mm / head pig, which is actually more The standard for 30-35 pigs in a trough tube is much lower.

Three, a few suggestions

  1, regarding the choice of stainless steel pig trough, Dr. Harold Gonyou ’s opinions for your reference

  1) The powder feed uses dry and wet feeders to increase the feed intake, and the granular feed will not affect much

  2) Tubular trough will increase the fighting situation, but his experimental results seem to be good;

  3) Pay attention to the size of the feed level to meet the needs of larger pigs (see above for specific indicators);

  4) The number of pigs in each feeding position should be considered according to the feeding speed of the younger pigs.

  2 、 Personally suggest to use stainless steel pig troughs in the future. There is a block to the head between each material level. The index for the number of pigs in each material level can be slightly lower. The ratio is still helpful, after all, compared with the long-term feed cost, the one-time cost input of the stainless steel pig trough is very limited.