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Present situation and function introduction of stainless steel pig trough

Edit:Qingzhou Mukang Machinery Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-08-03

Stainless steel pig troughCurrent situation: The stainless steel pig trough is actually a pig raising equipment. It is a pig raising machine for pigs, sows, breeding pigs and other breeds. Of course, according to the scale and production level of the pig industry, custom-made stainless steel pig feed troughs. Pig stainless steel trough and stainless steel pig trough are made of impervious steel, corrosion-resistant, strong and easy to use. They can have 5 positions, dried pigs and wet stainless steel. The food trough can accommodate five piglets at the same time. The trough utilization rate is high.

Stainless steel pig trough function:

One breeder can feed 40 head 100 kg of fattening pigs.

The wet mix design increased the feed intake of live pigs by more than 20%. More than 7 days in advance.

The stainless steel bottom tank and dosing device are easy to clean and disassemble.

Using a special feeding method, the double-sided stainless steel tank, hogs and fattening pigs are integrated, reducing the waste of feeding.

The novel double top cover design and the medicine port effectively prevent pollution and stealing.

The matching effect of the automatic feeding system is better.

Features of stainless steel pig trough:

  1. Selection of high strength stamped stainless steel plate

  2. General stainless steel materials (actual materials)

  3. Novel design, no dead angle, anti-fouling materials cause feed deterioration and deterioration

  4. All are CNC laser cutting, CNC folding, hole standard, firm assembly, no burrs, no damage to the pig mouth.

  5. The high-precision discharge adjustment device is accurate in quantity and prevents waste of feed.

  6. Long use, can be used for more than 30 years.