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How to choose automatic chicken breeding equipment, whether it is made in China or abroad

Edit:Qingzhou Mukang Machinery Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-07-27

With the rise of social consumer goods, the aquaculture industry is also developing rapidly. Since fast food abroad is mainly based on chicken products, the demand for poultry abroad is relatively large. As the fast food culture abroad is gradually affecting the eating habits of our residents, the demand for poultry in our country is gradually increasing, and it is also driving the rise of automated chicken farming equipment.

At present, small and medium-sized farms and large-scale farms in our country are increasing rapidly, and some farms have become more dependent on automated chicken breeding equipment in order to reduce labor costs. At present, there are two main brands of poultry breeding equipment, one is domestic automation equipment, and the other is equipment produced abroad.

Domestic equipment and foreign equipment also have their own advantages and disadvantages. Due to the earlier development of foreign manufacturing, foreign breeding equipment technology is relatively new and mature, and the degree of automation is a bit higher, but the price of foreign equipment is relatively higher. Procurement will be a big expense. Although the price of domestic equipment is not high, it is more suitable for use in farms, but the degree of automation of domestic equipment is low, and the quality is still worse than that of foreign automated chicken breeding equipment.

Some large-scale farms and farms invested by foreign companies in our country prefer to use foreign equipment, while some small and medium-scale farms prefer to use domestic equipment. And which equipment is more suitable for farmers? Farmers need to consider two points, one is the size of the breeding scale, and the second is whether the working capital is sufficient.

There are two main aspects for investors to invest in the farming industry. One is to realize the 0010010 quot; scale 0010010 quot; of the farm, and the other is the sustainable development of the farm. If you want to achieve large-scale development and sustainable development, then the main feature of the farm is that the number of farmed populations is large, then the degree of automation of the automatic chicken farming equipment that needs to be used is higher, and the farmers do not need to focus In 0010010 quot; Mechanized 0010010 quot ;.