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Determine the point of convergence between the production and use of automated chicken farming equipment

Edit:Qingzhou Mukang Machinery Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-08-17

Determine the point of convergence between the production and use of automated chicken farming equipment

(1) Equipment manufacturers should face the problem directly

Some people think that an embarrassing phenomenon is that chicken farmers can't raise chickens without understanding automatic chicken equipment manufacturing. There is a lack of horizontal cooperation and vertical communication between enterprises, and it is necessary to learn from young chicken breeding enterprises. In the enterprise, sales have been valued. The phenomenon of light research and development and light service; most products are "three noes" (no labels, no instructions, no product certification); product use and maintenance manuals are imperfect, most enterprises are imperfect; equipment parts have low standardization and low technical parameters. ERS is not perfect, there is no unified version of the purchase and sales contract, some are overlord clauses, and some manufacturers are not perfect. The installer's 8 hourly working system is unreasonable. The installer is not enthusiastic enough, and his sense of responsibility is not strong.

(2) The chicken house planning and design are scientific and reasonable.

It is pointed out that in practice, the architectural drawings of the chicken house are provided by the equipment factory to ensure the matching with the automatic chicken breeding equipment; the water, electricity and monitoring lines of the chicken house should be designed well, buried in the underground and the wall, and not exposed. Chicken coop; there should be drainage outlets at the front and rear ends of the coop, and no ditch should be left at both sides and in the middle; equipment investment should be a step. After it is in place, we need to plan and design it step by step; the actual production needs of the automatic chicken breeding equipment must be considered, and the height of the chicken cage must reach the needs of 120 day-old chickens; The higher; water, electricity, electricity, hydrogen feeding and other vulnerable parts should be backed up in time, if there is insufficient. Supplement, otherwise it will cause great losses; personnel recruitment and training should be synchronized with the venue construction.

(3) The production and use of automated chicken breeding equipment needs to be connected

At present, it seems that the tank, pan, and bottom net can be used in the breeding process of chicks, which greatly saves labor intensity and makes the breeding of laying hens easier. It can also be achieved that the feed tank does not need to be fed 36 hours after a feed, and the feed will not be moldy. These companies feel this during the application process. This method is unexpected for equipment companies.

Therefore, designers of automatic chicken breeding equipment companies need to go deep into the chicken farm, listen to the user's suggestions, consider the problem from the perspective of the breeder, and make more use of the nature of the chicken in the design and use of the equipment. In addition, many chicken farm equipment comes from different manufacturers. How to ensure the installation, docking and normal operation of these devices is also a practical problem to be solved.