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System maintenance of automatic chicken breeding equipment

Edit:Qingzhou Mukang Machinery Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-09-04

  1, heating system for automatic chicken breeding equipment

Every batch of chickens should clean the furnace body, hearth and smoke pipe in time, and repair the hearth, instrument, motor, etc.

Each batch of chickens must be trained in the operation skills of new breeders before entering the chickens.

Adjust the coal supply frequency according to the temperature of the chicken house.

It is forbidden to make any holes in the use of hot blast stove air pipe. Avoid damage when cleaning and handling.

Each batch of chicken is lubricated once on the umbrella teeth, chains and bearings.

  2, power supply system

Maintain generator oil meters, water meters, oil pipes, lines, voltmeters, and make records.

Run the generator once a week with load to check the working conditions of various instruments to ensure that the generator can generate electricity at any time.

The generator is cleaned once a week, requiring that the casing of the machine body be free of dust and oil to keep the machine room clean.

Check the battery voltage of the generator regularly and charge it in time to ensure that the battery voltage is stable.

The generator oil is changed every 250 hours, and every time the water is changed in the summer, the generator is overhauled by special personnel every six months.

The power distribution cabinet is dust-proof, moisture-proof, rat-proof and regularly maintained.

When using a generator to deliver power, the city's power lines need to be shut down.

-No private wires are drawn.

  3, refrigeration system of automatic chicken breeding equipment

Clean the water curtain paper regularly.

Make sure the water is clean.

Ensure the smooth flow of water supply and humidification pipelines.

Maintain the pump in time.

  4, disinfection equipment

The cable is not allowed to touch the ground when it is flushed, and the cable is intact.

The electrician should clean the room once before repairing and disinfecting the machine. It is strictly forbidden to lack oil in the pump head during use.

The use of high-pressure elbows is prohibited.

After spraying corrosive chemicals, rinse the disinfectant with clean water.

Refuel in time.

  5, automatic control system of automatic chicken breeding equipment

Dustproof, moisture proof, lightning proof, shock proof.

Cut off the power supply of AC 2000 and other controllers in time before lightning strike.

Separate the wiring between the signal line and the power line.

  6, other equipment

Check the temperature of the refrigerator locker regularly to see if there is any abnormal operation.