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Features of automatic chicken cage equipment

Edit:Qingzhou Mukang Machinery Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-09-12

Features of automatic chicken cage equipment:

  1, cascading culture, the number of layers is optional, the height can be up to 10 layers, the breeding density per unit space is high, the feeding output is large, and the benefits can be reasonably doubled.

  2, automatic feeding, drinking water, save manpower, improve labor productivity, and improve the ratio of egg to material.

  3, automatic egg collection, reduce labor costs, high efficiency and stability.

  4. Automatic manure removal by conveying, dry and sanitary, saving labor, can be used for manure removal many times a day, greatly reducing respiratory diseases of chickens.

  5 Concentration of feeding, reducing the amount of staff ’s mobile contact in the chicken house, which is beneficial to chicken disease prevention and control The specifications of the cascading automation cage are 225 * {{{2}} * 45 cm, divided into 5 doors, single-door chickens 6, each accounted The floor area is 45 0cm 2, and the size of the chicken coop can also be designed and planned according to the size of the house, but the floor area of ​​the chickens cannot be lower than this number.

In addition, we should pay attention to strengthening feeding management, pay attention to the treatment and prevention of diseases of farmed chickens, avoid the pollution of the environment in the chicken house, reduce the occurrence of poultry diseases, reduce the use of medicine to raise chickens, and realize the automation of chicken breeding equipment Environmental ventilation.

Fully automatic chicken cage equipment can achieve an excellent and suitable environment for livestock and poultry production. Below we will briefly explain the advantages of chicken breeding equipment.

First of all, the use of chicken breeding equipment is a combination of various components and functions, and farmers can make good deployment according to their actual needs and control the scale of production. The degree of automation is high. In the breeding chicken house, as long as the button is operated, the tasks of feeding, feeding, picking eggs, ventilating, and adjusting temperature can be completed with one click.

Secondly, the breeding method of fully automatic chicken cage equipment improves the continuous production capacity, the production resources are re-developed and utilized, and the economic benefits are improved.