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Detailed introduction of stainless steel pig trough

Edit:Qingzhou Mukang Machinery Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-10-08

The pig breeding stainless steel trough is made of 201 or {{{1}} stainless steel plate through cutting, bending, assembling and other processes. The commonly used thickness is 1. 2-1. 5 mm. Different sizes can be designed according to pigs of different sizes, and suitable hole positions can be designed according to the number of pigs in each pen, either double-sided feeding or single-sided feeding. The feed trough is designed with an adjusting valve to adjust the feed speed, which can adjust the height of the feed port according to the powder or granular material. It is a pig trough with a high degree of automation.

The equipment for making pig stainless steel feed trough mainly includes laser cutting machine and CNC bending machine. The cutting size of laser cutting machine is more accurate, and the cutting edge is smooth and smooth without burrs. The CNC bending machine guarantees the roundness and smoothness of the groove of the material trough, without hurting the steel plate, and the entire material trough looks more beautiful!

Entering the production workshop of the stainless steel feed trough, it was first attracted attention by high-tech equipment. Pieces of stainless steel plates became useful talents in the machine. These steel plates are all steel plates of large steel mills and have strong anti-corrosion capabilities. The production workshop of the assembly line, with the material plate, the groove surface, the dial, the adjustment plate, the insert plate, etc. The staff in charge of the production, processing, correction of different accessories ... The rigorous attitude plus high It can be said that the operation of the technical equipment of science and technology is basically free of errors, and the holes are not right. The combination of each part forms our stainless steel material saving trough today.

The material distributing structure adopted by the stainless steel square tank solves the problem of powder and granular materials in general, saves materials and saves pig breeding costs, and the small partition solves the problems of the traditional reinforced partition clasping pigs and scratches the ear label, and solves The discomfort of the large pigs on the side of the pig when eating.