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Preparation of the operating regulations for coal-fired hot blast stoves and ovens

Edit:Qingzhou Mukang Machinery Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-10-08

Preparation of the operating regulations for coal-fired hot blast stoves and ovens

1. Preparation for inspection of coal-fired hot blast stove

(1) systematically inspect various auxiliary machines on the boiler (slag discharger, ash discharger, grate, blower, induced draft fan, dust collector, coal feeder) and various test machines, and achieve Operating conditions.

(2) Check all electrical appliances, meters and circuits (instruments need to be qualified).

(3) Check whether the furnace body is intact, whether the furnace wall and furnace arch are defective, cracked or deformed, and whether there are residues in the furnace.

(4) Check whether the air outlet and coal gate are intact, whether the switch is flexible and the position is correct.

2. Oven of coal-fired hot blast stove

(1) Perform natural ventilation and drying 3-5 days before oven drying.

(2) One drying time is {{1}} hours, divided into three stages: one stage is {{2}} hours, one stage is to start the blower, light wood (Always use wood), turn on the induced draft fan, the temperature standard is outdoor temperature 10 degrees below (hereinafter referred to as hot air outlet temperature); the second stage is {{2}} hours, you can use wood or When coal is burning, the hot air temperature standard is 2 0 degrees above outdoor temperature. The second stage is a double requirement: (1) time {{{2}} hours (2) The smoke pipe needs to be discharged without white steam, both conditions are met; third The stage is the heating stage, the time is 2 0 hours, the temperature of the hot air will rise to 80 ° C, and it will rise slowly and evenly. The heating time is as follows.

For example, when the outdoor temperature is 12 degrees Celsius, the second stage has been preheated to 32 degrees Celsius.

The temperature should be raised to 80 degrees Celsius with a temperature difference of 48 degrees Celsius. The average hourly temperature rise of {{2}} hours is 2. 4 degrees Celsius. No linear temperature rise is allowed.

(3) After the coal-fired hot blast stove is burned, the temperature should be slowly reduced. When the temperature in the furnace is close to the outdoor temperature, the furnace body should be checked to see if the refractory material in the furnace is deformed and repaired in time.