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The use method and precautions of stainless steel pig trough

Edit:Qingzhou Mukang Machinery Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-10-24

The stainless steel pig trough feed tank is made of 201 stainless steel plate and has a thickness of 1. 2 mm. Can be transported in whole cans (high freight) or in bulk (low freight). Place it in the middle of two laps on the farm and eat at the same time. Suitable for powder or granular materials. There is a height adjustment valve in the outlet to control the discharge speed. Pigs can be eaten freely, grow quickly and do not waste feed.

How to use stainless steel pig trough:

  1, from the day of birth 7 to the day of weaning 14 (weight: 10 kg).

  2, 7-14 days after giving birth, feed a few days a day or a small amount of bait to lure food. From 14 days before weaning to 4-5 times / day, the piglets are fed less, ensuring the success of slotting. After 10-14 days of weaning, the piglets are gradually transferred to the protective material.

  3 Suggestions during teaching: a. When iron supplements and health care injections are given, a few granules can be fed. b. Stick it on the nipple of the sow and let the piglet eat it while breastfeeding. c. Use {{1}}: 1 to make a paste. Give the piglets a little pellets first, and then stop for a while before eating breast milk.

  4 When the food is lured in the teaching tank, the method of transition from wet to dry mix can be used.

Precautions for stainless steel pig trough:

  1 After opening, fasten the mouth of the bag in time to prevent moisture deterioration, and use the bag mouth as soon as possible to ensure that the pigs can eat fresh textbooks.

  2 Keep the feed tank and environment clean to prevent the feed from suffering.

  3, to ensure that piglets can drink fresh and clean water.

  4, the feeding amount is small, the feeding frequency is large, and the feeding amount is gradually transferred.

  5, keep the piglets warm.