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Characteristics and classification of stainless steel pig trough

Edit:Qingzhou Mukang Machinery Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-10-24

The stainless steel pig trough pig is made of 201 or {{1}} stainless steel plate by cutting, bending and assembling. The common thickness is 1. 2-1. 5 mm. We can design different sizes according to the different sizes of pigs, and we can also design appropriate holes according to the number of pigs in each pen. It can be fed on both sides or single-sided. There is a regulating valve in the feeding tank to adjust the feeding speed. The height of the inlet can be adjusted according to powder or granular materials.

Stainless steel pig trough production equipment mainly includes laser cutting machine and CNC bending machine. The laser cutting machine is used to cut the material, the size is more accurate, the cutting edge is smooth, and there is no burr. The CNC bending machine guarantees the flatness and roundness of the groove edge without damaging the steel plate. The whole groove looks more beautiful!

Product classification: Stainless steel tank is divided into single-sided tank and double-sided tank. According to the size of the pigs, it is divided into stainless steel fattening pig trough and stainless steel fattening pig trough.

Features of stainless steel pig trough:

  1, save feed and reduce costs.

  2, food hygiene, reduce the incidence of infectious diseases.

  3 Shorten the breeding cycle and sell in advance.

  4, automatic feeding, saving manpower.

  5 The stainless steel tank material is welded by stainless steel, and the surface is smooth and smooth. The welding seam is treated with stainless steel varnish, which is corrosion-resistant and not easy to rust.

  6. The feed adjustment device is designed reasonably, easy to operate, the material is discharged evenly at both ends, and the height can be adjusted.

  7 The stainless steel tank has a smooth loading surface and is not easy to store materials.