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Explain the supporting equipment of several automatic pig breeding equipment

Edit:Qingzhou Mukang Machinery Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-11-07

The following explains some supporting equipment of automatic pig breeding equipment:

0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; PVC blinds

Among the various sizes and materials available, our blinds can be adapted to your needs. It is lightweight, easy to maintain, and affordable. The wing-like design of the shutter blades greatly improves their efficiency and reduces losses. AP shutters are easy to install and can be used for many years without maintenance.

Pig floor

Pig floor is an important supporting equipment for automated pig breeding equipment. The AP floor produced according to strict manufacturing procedures is of good quality. In today's flooded market with imitation products, the quality of each piece of AP floor material is equally good.

From the standard P type used in the floor of the economic nursery, to the award-winning Rub-in that is more comfortable and clean. In the piglet house of the suckling room, the new 0pal can make the raised floor for the sow piece together without gaps. Cast iron ditch inserts are also available and very popular. The solid suspended floor is more suitable for heavy domestic animals such as lying sows or adult pigs.


AP can supply a full set of pregnancy fences, litter boxes, doors, fences and various accessories. After high-precision automatic welding, the product goes through a series of multi-stage cleaning systems including blown particles to prepare for powder coating. The powder coating is carried out through a relatively new electrostatic spraying process, and then the outer coating is applied by the oven Bake dry. These operating procedures ensure a high-quality, durable, rust-proof and easily handled outer layer.

PVC wall panel

This is also an important supporting equipment for automated pig breeding equipment. It is suitable for the partition wall of the nursery room to speed up the construction. Because it has a smaller gap than traditional PVC, it is faster and easier to clean. The plates of the tongue-and-groove board increase the strength and speed up the construction. For additional strength, or to set a fixed point by installing a door clamp, a 2 X 4 wooden block can be installed on the board.

Conservation board

In terms of conservation, this kind of board is an ideal partition board, which makes cleaning more convenient, and has a complete set of PVC and stainless steel accessories for various forms of installation. The solid plastic access door allows pigs to move around at will. The pig manure is not occupied, and the piglets are provided with free movement space. This board is suitable for housing 30-1 {{2}} 0 lb livestock. The board length of 11 / {{{2}} x 30 can reach {{{2}} 0 * {{2}} 4 & # { {6}} ;, the specifications of the tongue and groove board are 11 / {{2}} * 6 1 / {{2}} & quot ;. K 006 Stainless Steel Pregnancy Fence Milk Drinker for Piglets is also made of stainless steel.

Rearing pig pen

The supporting equipment of this automatic pig breeding equipment is used for livestock above 120 lbs. It is a place that needs reinforcement, such as breeding pig farms and breeding farms. The plates used for adult pigs are 2 & quot; X 8 & quot; The tongue-and-groove board, or our new product 2 * 8, is a single sheet, which eliminates the seam caused by the splicing of each other. It is easier to install and clean.