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The purpose of using automatic chicken breeding equipment

Edit:Qingzhou Mukang Machinery Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-11-07

At present, the successful research and development of automated chicken breeding equipment and large-scale production and put into use have transformed our chicken farming model from the free-range model of individual households to the factory and intensive model.

  0010010 nbsp; The feed feeding method in automated chicken breeding equipment is a low-cost, easy-to-operate feeding method. The feeding carriage moves back and forth along the track to put feed into the feeding trough. In order to prevent the driving from affecting the feeding of the chickens, the whole feeding area is divided into a chicken feeding area, a front-end non-feeding area and a rear-end non-feeding Area. During the feeding process, driving forward pushes the feed forward, resulting in the feed remaining in the non-feeding area at the front and rear ends. The feed is prone to mold and worms, which poses a safety hazard to the growth of chickens.

In order to solve the feed stagnant in the front and rear non-feeding areas, most of the chicken breeding equipment in our country uses holes at the bottom of the front and rear feed troughs, and connects the layers of feed troughs in series through vertical feed pipes. A feed recycling barrel is placed at the lower end of the blanking tube. Although this method can solve the problem of feed retention in the front and rear non-feeding areas to a certain extent, it takes labor to replace the recycling bin, and the freshness of the recovered feed varies, and the feed at the top of the recycling bin is often fresh, but The feed at the bottom has been mouldy and spoiled, resulting in a waste of whole barrels of feed. Therefore, although the existing feed recycling method temporarily solves the problem of feed recycling, it will inevitably cause unnecessary waste of feed and waste of labor costs. The R & D and production of the new feed recovery device not only reduces feed waste, but also saves labor costs.

The purpose of the automatic chicken breeding equipment is to provide an automatic chicken breeding equipment with feed recovery function, which can automatically scrape the feed remaining in the front and rear non-feeding areas back to the feeding area of ​​the feeding tank.