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Advantages of automated pig equipment

Edit:Qingzhou Mukang Machinery Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-11-14

Advantages of automated pig equipment:

  1, Timing: Lactating piglets have a small stomach area and weak digestion, and can be fed 6 times a day; Weaned piglets have weak digestion and rapid development, and can be fed 5 times a day; lactating sows And late sows need more nutrition and can be fed {{3}} times a day; other pigs can be fed 3 times a day.

  2 Quantitative: The amount of feed should be flexibly controlled according to pig weight, nutrition, appetite, etc. Pigs' appetite is generally stronger at night, followed by morning and poorer afternoons.

  3, quality assurance: feed varieties and proportions should not change much. When the breed changes, the new and old feeds need to be gradually increased and decreased to adapt the digestion function of the pig to the mutation process, and it is easy to reduce the food intake of the pig or overeating, which is harmful to the health and weight gain of the pig.

  4, Constant temperature: Feed temperature has a great influence on the health and weight gain of pigs. The food temperature is too low. In winter, when the frozen feed is fed, it not only consumes a lot of body temperature, but also causes miscarriages or gastroenteritis.

From the perspective of the category of automated pig breeding equipment, pig farm equipment includes positioning fences, fat pig pens, conveyor fences, protective fences, wet and dry feeders, manure leaking layers, drinking water systems, etc. The feeding system is equipped with a feeding tower and a feeding line. The defecation device is provided with a bubble defecation valve and a defecation scraper. Manure dry and wet separation equipment. Fermentation equipment. The environmental control system includes fans, water curtains, boiler heating, roof exhaust fans, roller shutter doors, spray disinfection and cooling systems, channel disinfection channels, and piggery environment automatic control box. Sow management equipment includes sow quantitative feeding line, sow electronic feeder, sow delivery room feeder and other wild boar equipment, pig testing station, testing equipment, breeding tools, pregnancy testing tools, pig marking device, farm management software, Pig farm monitoring system, etc.

In these devices, the positioning rod and bed are widely used by the pig raising friends. At present, the more widely used equipment is defecation equipment, feeding equipment and environmental control equipment. Depending on the size of the farm and the quality of the talents, other testing equipment on the farm is also different.

According to the stage analysis of the pig herd, the reserve pig herd and the boar herd are suitable for small-scale free breeding. It adopts automatic pig raising equipment and environmental control equipment, and has a quiet collection room and feeding fence.