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Automated chicken equipment makes chicken raising no longer difficult

Edit:Qingzhou Mukang Machinery Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-11-22

Now, more and more people are investing in the breeding industry, and the breeding of layer and broiler chickens occupies a large share. We all know that traditional artificial chicken farming takes time and effort from morning to night, and the output value is limited. However, with the help of automated chicken farming equipment, it is very easy and effective, so that chicken farming is no longer so hard.

There was a broiler farmer who raised more than one 1000 from the previous batch, and the scale is getting larger and larger. However, a series of problems, such as insufficient manpower, low work efficiency, and inadequate feeding and management, and low yield and poor quality, have gradually emerged. It was not until the introduction of a set of automated chicken breeding equipment that the feeding management problems were alleviated. For example, the chicken disease and feed ratio (feed to meat conversion ratio) were reduced, labor costs were reduced, and the scale was increased to increase the output value and the benefits gradually increased.

"Before there was no fully automatic thermal insulation chicken house, raising a 5000 broiler by one person was very difficult, and it was too busy at all. I could only ask for help. In the second hen house, observe whether the chicken is eating and drinking normally. The rest is left to the automatic chicken raising equipment. "Said a chicken farmer.

The main building of the modern chicken farm is a chicken coop and management house. The chicken coop can be made of fiberglass structure, which can play a better thermal insulation role. Ventilation, cooling and other equipment are also relatively complete. Even in the cold winter, the water circulation heater in the chicken house can automatically maintain the room temperature at about 30.

The chicken house is also installed with axial fans and wet curtains, which are mainly used for exhaust and humidity control, and the final controller is the environmental controller. Flow fan and wet curtain can be adjusted automatically. Therefore, as the pillar of the development of the breeding industry, automated chicken breeding equipment plays a pivotal role.

The full set of equipment uses hot dip zinc technology, corrosion resistance, comprehensive use time of up to 15-20 years to save land resources, reduce the construction of chicken houses and high breeding density, save investment costs, centralize management, adopt a complete set of automatic control system, improve labor productivity and improve work The purpose of environmental energy saving and consumption reduction.