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Stainless steel pig trough is a good helper for pig breeding

Edit:Qingzhou Mukang Machinery Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-11-22

The stainless steel pig trough is made of 201 or {{{1}} stainless steel plate by cutting, bending, assembling and other processes. The commonly used thickness is 1. 2 -1. 5 mm. Different sizes can be designed according to pigs of different sizes, and suitable hole positions can be designed according to the number of pigs in each pen, either double-sided feeding or single-sided feeding. The design of the feed trough has a regulating valve to adjust the feed speed, which can adjust the height of the feed port according to the powder or granular material. It is a pig trough with a high degree of automation.

The equipment for making pig stainless steel feed trough mainly includes laser cutting machine and CNC bending machine. The cutting size of laser cutting machine is more accurate, and the cutting edge is smooth and smooth without burrs. The CNC bending machine guarantees the roundness and smoothness of the chute edge of the trough, without hurting the steel plate, and the entire trough looks beautiful!

The stainless steel pig trough is actually the feeding equipment in pig breeding. It is a feeding machine for various breeds of pigs such as hogs, sows, breeding pigs, and is also the main product. Of course, the stainless steel trough is customized according to the size and production level of the pig industry. Under normal circumstances, the stainless steel trough is made of impermeable steel material. In 5 locations, pigs use double fabric troughs, which can feed five piglets at the same time, and the utilization rate is relatively large.

The use of stainless steel sow trough is to let the sow enjoy the diet. Although the stainless steel double trough does not speak, it has its own thinking. When people feed them, they should pay more attention to their feeding tools. That is to say, when using this tool, you must pay attention to such problems, so that the sow can grow healthily.

1. The height of the stainless steel pig trough. When feeding sows, you need to pay attention to the height. If it is higher than the height that the sow can touch, then the sow will eat reasonably when eating. On the contrary, the height is low, which is not so convenient for the sow diet. Therefore, people should pay attention to the height of the stainless steel sow trough.

Second, the weight of the stainless steel sow trough, you must know that the sow is a group animal, so you like to move more and more when eating, and it is easy to tip the tool. The pig uses a stainless steel trough, causing food waste. Therefore, the weight of the sow diet tool should be heavier, so that the tool will not be easily overturned.

3. The size of the stainless steel sow feed trough, in addition to the height and weight of the diet tools for the sow, the size of the tools. It is important to determine the size of the dietary tools based on the size of the sow.

Suitable stainless steel pig troughs can make the sows better diet. For the choice of stainless steel pig troughs, people should pay attention to many problems, otherwise it is impossible to meet the needs.