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Introduction of automatic pig equipment

Edit:Qingzhou Mukang Machinery Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-11-29

Types of automated pig raising equipment: housing equipment (including positioning fences, pigpens, delivery fences, maintenance fences, wet and dry feeders, powder leakage floors, drinking water systems, etc.) The feeding system is equipped with a feeding tower and a feeding line. Defecation equipment (bubble, drain valve, scraper. Manure dry and wet separation equipment. Environmental control system includes: (fan, water curtain, boiler heating, roof exhaust fan, roller blind, spray disinfection cooling system, access to disinfection channel, pig house Environmental automatic control box) Sow management (sow distribution line, sow electronic feeding device, sow delivery room feeder), also includes other wild boar equipment, pig breeding stations, laboratory equipment, mating tools. Pregnancy testing tools, ultrasound , Pig marking equipment, pig farm management software, pig farm monitoring system, etc.

In these automated pig breeding equipment, the positioning rod and bed are commonly used by pig raising friends. Now, the rise of pig farm defecation equipment, feeding equipment, environmental control equipment and other testing equipment are determined according to the scale of the pig farm, and the quality of the applied talents are also different.

According to the stage analysis of each pig herd, the reserve pig herd and the boar herd are suitable for small-scale free breeding. Use conventional feeding equipment and environmental control equipment, and have a quiet collection room and feeding fence. Now research believes that the breeding pen has a special construction mode, with a low head and a slightly high tail. The four-row structure has a boar activity area in front, which is convenient for the sow to be excited during the breeding process and improve the conception rate.