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How to make good use of automatic chicken breeding equipment for scientific feeding

Edit:Qingzhou Mukang Machinery Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-12-06

In recent years, automatic chicken farming equipment is an auxiliary equipment for chicken farming. There are many types of automatic chicken breeding equipment. Different equipment can help farmers complete different chicken farming tasks, which is very convenient, fast and efficient, so it is very popular among farmers. How to use automatic chicken breeding equipment to raise chickens scientifically and automatically?

  1. Choose your own automatic chicken breeding equipment: At present, the types of automatic chicken breeding equipment include: automatic feeder, automatic manure cleaning machine, fan wet curtain, automatic water dispenser and other common automatic chicken breeding equipment. Farmers can choose the necessary auxiliary chicken breeding equipment according to actual needs and capital budget to help raise chickens and improve the efficiency of raising chickens.

  2. Learn to operate automatic chicken breeding equipment: Automatic chicken breeding equipment is a relatively large mechanized equipment that requires correct operation and maintenance. Therefore, whether it is the operation of the farmers themselves or the operation of the staff, we must pay attention to learning the correct operation method. Different devices have different methods of operation. Only reasonable and scientific operation can guarantee the good performance, effectiveness and efficiency of the equipment and the service life. In addition, we should pay attention to the regular maintenance of automatic chicken breeding equipment, find problems in time, and solve problems in time.

  3. Maintain the environment of the chicken house: Only when the sanitation of the chicken house is well maintained can the chicken flock reduce the occurrence of diseases. Because there are chickens and some automatic chicken breeding equipment in the chicken coop, a lot of pollutants and harmful gases such as feces, feed, dust, ammonia, etc. will be generated, which will seriously affect the health of the chickens. Therefore, to protect the sanitary environment of the chicken house, it is necessary to clean and disinfect it frequently, and to ventilate it regularly.