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Automated pig equipment enters the sight of pig factory director

Edit:Qingzhou Mukang Machinery Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-12-28

Due to the increasing pressure on environmental protection in recent years, automated pig farming equipment has begun to enter the sight of pig factory directors. Compared with artificial feeding, automated feeding is easier to meet environmental standards.

This specification only stipulates the basic requirements, material selection, specifications, manufacturing and installation requirements of the main automated pig equipment used in the factory pig production line in accordance with the laws of pig physiological growth from the perspective of animal husbandry and veterinary. Common equipment is introduced. The factory pig raising equipment will be continuously improved and perfected with the development of science and technology. Due to the different actual conditions and environmental climate in different places, the specifications, models and materials selection of the equipment are also different. the same.

Mating maternity

Breeding stalls, breeding stalls, and sow individual limit stalls are provided in the maternity pens

basic requirements:

Boar pen: The length of the adult boar is as long as 2 meters. In order to facilitate the boar to turn around, the width of the general boar pen is not less than 2. {{2}} meters Not less than 3 meters, and the height of the fence is not less than 1. 2 meters. There is a sports field outside the house to increase the amount of exercise and increase the life span of boars.

Breeding pens: Separate breeding pens need to be set up in the Wanshou farm, because the breeding boars should be close to the hinds of the sows before climbing on the sows, so the length of the pig house should be at least the nose of the breeding boars and sows The total length to the tail. Because the boar has been chasing the sow in the barn before mating, the boar needs to walk forward in the barn, so that it does not turn around with its hind legs as a fulcrum or arched back when turning. According to the above principle, the length of the mating bar is not less than 3. 5-4.0 meters, and the width is not less than 3. 0 meters. Because it is difficult for boars to approach young sows in the corner of the pig house, the breeding house is designed to be octagonal, the floor of the pig house is non-slip, and no obstacles such as feeders and drinking fountains are installed in the house to affect the balance of the pig.