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Stainless steel food trough feeding line is difficult to make money

Edit:Qingzhou Mukang Machinery Co., Ltd.UpDate:2020-01-04

To make money, pig farms must keep up with the development trend of the industry. Many pig farms have already realized automated pig farming. This requires the installation of automated pig farming equipment. Pigs use stainless steel troughs as an indispensable automated feeding trough. The use of automated feed lines not only improves the efficiency of raising pigs, but also effectively reduces the stress of pigs. It is an excellent choice for increasing the efficiency of pig raising.

Benefits of automatic feed lines

The automatic feed line can automatically transfer the feed in the feed tower to the pig trough. When the feed in the trough is finished, the automatic feeding equipment automatically starts to feed the trough, reducing the labor intensity of pig farm workers. Feed is controlled according to time, and multiple time periods can be set for feeding each day to speed up pig growth and improve pig raising efficiency. After installing the automatic feed line on the farm, it can effectively avoid the waste of feed caused by manual feeding and save feed costs. One person can manage thousands of pigs and improve the efficiency of raising pigs, which is the future development trend of the pig industry.

What kind of pig trough is needed for automated feed line

This is a problem that is often encountered, especially in new pig farms. At present, the most commonly used pig troughs are stainless steel troughs and barrel automatic troughs. Which one can be used depends on the actual situation of the farm. It is recommended to use the stainless steel pig trough when economically allowed, because the stainless steel trough is more feed-saving than the barrel type automatic trough and has a longer service life, but the price of the stainless steel trough is slightly higher. A shipment.

Feed trough features

The stainless steel trough is designed according to the feeding habits of pigs, and can be used for nursery pigs, fattening pigs, and sows. The valve is designed to discharge evenly. Each table has 3-8 feeding holes to avoid pigs eating and fighting. Increase the weight, reduce the stock of the chassis, and facilitate the cleaning. Slope-type feeding tray, it is not easy for the pig to spread the feed outside the trough during the feeding process, the chassis is in contact with the ground, and the feed will not go under the trough to avoid the pig from moving the trough and increase the life of the trough.

Tips: In the production of pig farms, in addition to the choice of equipment, the management of workers is also very important, so if you have time, you still have to learn more about the management of the farm, as long as you work harder to believe that making money is a matter of time.