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Introduction of common automatic chicken equipment in chicken farm

Edit:Qingzhou Mukang Machinery Co., Ltd.UpDate:2020-01-11

Introduction of common automatic chicken equipment in chicken farm

A) Brooding equipment

The brooding stage in the brooder cage is a critical period in the chicken's life. At this stage, the chicks have high requirements on the environment, especially the strict temperature requirements, otherwise they will easily cause higher mortality. At present, the four-layer cage brooding process is generally used. The stacked brood cages are electrically heated and not heated. When rearing cages are used, the feeding density is generally: medium-sized laying hens 34 / m 2, light-weight laying hens {{2}} / m 2.

When the electric brooding umbrella is used for free-range chicks on the Internet or on the ground, the use of the electric brooding umbrella can improve the chick's physique and survival rate.

Brooder cages for chicken farms

(2) Cage

Cages are the main equipment for modern chicken farming. Different cage farming equipment is suitable for different flocks.

◆ Chicken cage equipment can be divided into full ladder type, half ladder type, stacked type, compound type and flat type according to the combined form;

◆ It can be divided into deep and shallow cages according to geometric dimensions;

◆ According to the type of chicken, it can be divided into layer cage, broiler cage and breeding cage;

◆ According to the weight of the chicken, it can be divided into light layer cage, medium layer cage and meat breeder cage.

Chicken cage

(3) Drinking water equipment

Drinking water equipment is divided into the following five types: nipple type, hanging tower type, vacuum type, cup type and sink type.

In the beginning stage of chicks and free-range chickens, vacuum type, hanging tower type and sink type are mostly used. Free-range chickens now tend to use nipple drinkers.