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Is breeding hot blast stove under a single heat source a more economical choice?

Edit:Qingzhou Mukang Machinery Co., Ltd.UpDate:2020-01-17

Under a single heat source, is the breeding hot air stove really a more economical option?

A hot blast stove is a stove that burns fuel and directly heats the air to produce hot blast.

From the fuel: electric heating, coal, gas, fuel oil, etc .;

In terms of combustion methods: positive pressure combustion, negative pressure combustion, and mechanical combustion;

From the type: there are vertical (single return), horizontal;

Horizontal structure is divided into return structure: from 2 return to 5 return;

From the heat exchange medium: there are single medium and dual medium;

Divided from the wind source: there are single fan and double fan.

Thermal efficiency

The heat exchange area is an important indicator of the thermal efficiency of the hot air furnace for breeding.

When the heat exchange amount is constant, the larger the heat exchange area, the higher the heat exchange efficiency of the furnace and the more energy-saving it is. The dual-fan hot blast stove uses multi-pass heat exchange technology to increase the stroke of the flue gas in the furnace, increase the number of heat exchanges with the wind, and increase the heat exchange area, which can improve thermal efficiency.

The life of the hot blast stove is mainly determined by two aspects, the first is the furnace's anti-burning technology.

If the burning place cannot be solved, the stove will soon break down. It is the thickness of the steel plate and steel pipe that affects the life.

Depending on the type of fuel used and its field of application, many different configurations of air heaters are possible.

   0010010 gt; 0010010 gt; Most of the heaters are direct combustion heaters (GA series). It uses a fan to force air through the combustion chamber where the burner is installed. As the air passes through the burner, the heat generated in the combustion process is transferred to the airflow, and the thermal efficiency is very high. ↓

   0010010 gt; 0010010 gt; Another indirect combustion heater (GPmp) with heat exchanger. ↓

For the above two models, the available fuel types include liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), natural gas and petroleum.

   0010010 gt; 0010010 gt; portable gas hot blast stove

About LNG

Gas type: LNG.

Calorific value: 11500-12500 kcal / kg.

Gasification rate: 1 tons of LNG gasification 1 450-1 500 standard m? Gas natural gas.

Storage temperature: -162 ℃

Tank storage method: liquefied gas tank-type cryogenic storage tank, generally 455 liter LNG special cylinder; each cylinder stores 1 75-1 80 kg (according to {{2 }} ㎏=1. 45 m? Conversion is about 260-280 standard m?)


Thermal conversion efficiency is an effective index to evaluate the performance of hot blast stove;

The greater the heat loss of the air heating system, the higher the energy consumption.

Under a single heat source, the heat conversion efficiency of the breeding hot air furnace is at a high value, which is one of the excellent solutions for air insulation and heating of the breeding house.