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Fan wet curtain arrangement design

Edit:Qingzhou Mukang Machinery Co., Ltd.UpDate:2020-01-17

In recent years, one of the more frequent problems encountered by the editor is that a design came out. During the inquiry process, the owner feedbacked back that the same greenhouse length and width design, why did you design the 10 fan Wet curtain, another plan only designs 8? What should I answer? Say I just estimated it casually or did it look better to put 10 than to put 8?

In fact, the design of this fan wet curtain is quite subjective. We should follow the principle that we can put more and more. Why do you say that? Because the current theoretical calculations are all established in a stable state, but the actual working conditions are dynamic conditions, any changes may occur, and there may be cases outside the design range. Therefore, the conventional greenhouse fan control design is graded control, that is, the fans are divided into 2 ~ 3 groups, and different groups are opened according to different needs, so as to achieve 3 gradient.

Therefore, we will place as many fans as possible. However, the fan can not be placed too much, otherwise it will cause waste of energy or bring too high wind speed to the greenhouse, which is harmful to people and crops. In the design, the fan will be arranged according to 5 ~ 7 m if the fan wet curtain spacing is about 30-40 meters, if the fan-wet curtain spacing is about 50-60 meters. {{3}} ~ 5 m one set. Specific considerations will also be given to factors related to quotation control. When there is probably an arrangement number in the mind, consider the appearance after arrangement. Will choose to arrange regularly. For example, {{5}} units per span, {{3}} units per span, {{3}} two spans, or 5 two spans, etc. . Put the approximate number of arrangement on this regular arrangement module, then the arrangement design of the fan will come out.