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Briefly introduce the selection of materials for automated pig breeding equipment

Edit:Qingzhou Mukang Machinery Co., Ltd.UpDate:2020-02-05

Briefly introduce our countryAutomated pig equipmentThe status quo of industry, the skills of foreign automated pig farming equipment are very new, China's pig farming equipment skills are relatively backward in the past 10 years, and the development of China's pig farming equipment is a big market.

In the past two years, some pig farming equipment manufacturers have been introduced to foreign pig farming equipment. The skills and skills are now relatively sophisticated, and the technology content is high. China's pig farming equipment has gradually entered large farms.

The design and manufacture of pig farm factory pig breeding equipment is an interdisciplinary and comprehensive process, which involves multiple disciplines such as machinery, electronics, automation control, construction materials and animal husbandry and veterinary medicine. This specification only stipulates the basic requirements, material selection, specifications, manufacturing and installation requirements of the main equipment used in the factory pig production line, and some common equipment from the perspective of animal husbandry and veterinary. Introduced. The factory pig raising equipment will be continuously improved and perfected with the development of science and technology. Due to the difference in the actual situation and environmental climate in various places, the specifications, models, materials and so on of the equipment are also different. Consistent.

Material selection of automatic pig raising equipment:

The boar pen adopts the structure of metal gate with partition brick wall, the galvanized sheet adopts hot-dip galvanized pipe, the outer frame adopts 1 "water pipe, and the vertical and horizontal strips adopt 1 / 2" Each boar pen is equipped with a cast iron trough and a pure copper duckbill automatic drinking fountain.

The mating fence adopts metal fence fences, hot-dip galvanized pipes, outer frame 1 ", fence 1 / 2".

Sow single limit bar: the sow bar and the door frame adopt 3 / {{{{2}}}} "wooden fence, {{2} } / 2 "hot-dip galvanized pipe, back body 0. 60 meters, cast iron slatted floor with horizontal slits.

Each limit bar is equipped with a cast iron food trough and a pure copper duckbill automatic waterer, and a uniform arc type cement food trough is also used.

Auxiliary equipment: A feeding device is set up in the metal limit bar of the sow to reduce feeding stress, and the conditional field can also be equipped with automatic feeding system.

Manufacturing and installation requirements:

When manufacturing the positioning bar, after the processing is completed, the whole hot-dip zinc treatment is carried out, which is beneficial to increase the service life of the equipment.

Avoid damage to the pig's body by sharp edges and corners.

The cast iron leaky floor should be designed according to the trapezoidal gap between the upper and the lower width to facilitate the leakage of manure.

Pay attention to the change of slope when installing the equipment.