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How to choose the stainless steel trough for the positioning bar

Edit:Qingzhou Mukang Machinery Co., Ltd.UpDate:2020-02-13

There are two main types of positioning bar stainless steel troughs: one is one trough one trough; the other is the whole trough, one trough one trough.

Relatively speaking, a trough one by one requires a lot of labor to clean the trough, so now more and more pig farms are not used much. Nowadays, the whole body troughs are used more. The body troughs are divided into different types: cement body troughs (generally processed on site), body stainless steel troughs, and BMC body troughs.

Because of its good quality, low price and simple construction, the cement trough is currently a very common trough. When building a cement trough, without affecting the front door of the positioning bar, try to increase the front edge of the trough as high as possible so that it will not sprinkle; you can use 400 mm thick PVC pipes Inside the trough, so that the inside of the trough is smooth without leaving dead corners, it is easy to clean. Build a cement trough, and do n’t fix the trough below the ground level, so that the pigs are very uncomfortable when eating, and the feed is not clean.

The whole body stainless steel trough is made of 201 or 304 stainless steel through bending, stamping or extrusion, and the cost is relatively high. However, because it is processed with the positioning bar, the overall effect is more beautiful after installation, so some large pig farms prefer to use it. Because of the stainless steel processing technology, most of the stainless steel troughs can only be bent to form the trough shape. The bottom is flat, there are many dead ends, and the food is not clean.

BMC whole body trough is a kind of composite material, which is formed by extrusion molding technology. The advantage of this process is that the material does not rust, and we can make the shape we want according to the appropriate shape we need. Therefore, this feed trough is more comfortable in terms of pig feeding comfort. But the bad thing is that the BMC material is afraid of falling, but as long as it is fixed and installed, it will not break, so it is necessary to control the transportation process.