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Matters needing attention in the reform of coal-fired hot blast stove

Edit:Qingzhou Mukang Machinery Co., Ltd.UpDate:2020-02-28

Coal-fired hot blast stoves were once the mainstream of China's hot blast stove industry, but gradually withdrew from the market with the development and environmental protection. The natural gas hot blast stove that uses natural gas as the fuel to replace it should only produce water and carbon dioxide after natural gas is burned, so it is an environmentally friendly fuel. After the promotion of the natural gas hot blast stove, some manufacturers will change the coal-fired hot blast stove to natural gas. Let me tell you what you need to pay attention to when converting a coal-fired hot blast stove to a natural gas hot blast stove.

The combustion reform of the hot blast stove fuel has scientific basis and requirements. You cannot rely on your own imagination or bad business for your own small profit, regardless of the novel structure and combustion method of the hot blast stove, blindly change it randomly The coal mouth is sealed, and one side is opened to insert the combustion chamber spout directly into the combustion chamber, and some even dismantle the flue gas fan to discharge naturally by the flue gas.

It seems that it can be used for burning in a short time, but there are many hidden dangers. One is that the heating time is long and wastes fuel; the other is that the direction of the flue gas is unreasonable, resulting in damage to the heat exchange body in a short time.

The flame of the coal-fired hot blast stove is washed up so the hot blast stove is a vertical structure. The flame sprayed by the burner is horizontal. It is conceivable that after the flame is sprayed into the combustion chamber to the opposite refractory material, it will naturally rise along the wall to the heat exchange area of ​​the hot blast stove. It is too large, and the flame at the other end cannot reach the vicious circle with poor heat exchange effect. If the heat exchange effect is poor, the fuel consumption will increase if the temperature does not go up, forming a vicious cycle until the furnace body is leaked and scrapped. Direct and indirect losses to the enterprise.

Regardless of whether it is changed to a gas-fired hot blast stove or an oil-fired hot blast stove, in view of the horizontal direction of the flame, the hot blast stove must follow the direction of the flame, that is, to change to a horizontal structure. In order to reduce the erosion of high-temperature flames to the high-temperature areas such as hangers in the furnace body, the combustion chamber of the burner must have a special structure, suitable for this combustion method. According to the requirements, the electronic control can be designed to be fully automatic one-button operation, automatic ignition, automatic temperature control, automatic adjustment of operating conditions, not only to achieve the advantages of energy saving, consumption reduction, convenient operation, and labor saving, but also to greatly shorten the heating Time reduces energy consumption and increases the service life of the hot blast stove.