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Special attention should be paid to the conversion of coal-fired hot blast stove to fuel

Edit:Qingzhou Mukang Machinery Co., Ltd.UpDate:2020-03-13

For many years, due to the low cost of coal-burning and convenient combustion, the hot blast stoves designed and manufactured are all coal-fired blast stoves. In view of the current state requirements for environmental protection in various regions where coal is restricted and banned to reduce air pollution emissions, it is generally not called coal burning. Then face the problem of changing coal to gas and fuel oil, because the structure principle of the hot blast stove is different from steam, hot water, and thermal oil boilers. There is no water or oil as a medium, but dry burning. Heat, heat the normal temperature air into high temperature hot air.

The combustion reform of coal-fired hot blast stove fuel has scientific basis and requirements. It is not possible to rely on your own imagination or unscrupulous businessmen for their own small profits, regardless of the structure and combustion method of the hot blast stove, and blindly change the original combustion chamber. The coal port is sealed, and one side is opened to directly insert the combustion chamber spout into the combustion chamber, and some even dismantle the flue gas fan to discharge naturally by the flue gas.

It seems that it can be used for burning in a short time, but there are many hidden dangers. One is that the heating time is long and wastes fuel; the other is that the direction of the flue gas is unreasonable, resulting in damage to the heat exchange body in a short time.

The coal-fired flame is washed up so the hot blast stove is a vertical structure. The flame sprayed by the burner is horizontal. It is conceivable that after the flame is sprayed into the combustion chamber to the opposite refractory material, it will naturally rise along the wall to the heat exchange area of ​​the coal-fired hot blast stove. The heat pressure is too large, and the flame at the other end can not reach the vicious circle of poor heat exchange effect. If the heat exchange effect is poor, the fuel consumption will increase if the temperature does not go up, forming a vicious cycle until the furnace body is leaked and scrapped. Caused a lot of direct and indirect losses to enterprises.