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Breeding hot stove knowledge

Edit:Qingzhou Mukang Machinery Co., Ltd.UpDate:2020-03-06

The existing coal-fired hot blast stove for heating greenhouses, sheds, etc., the furnace body includes a combustion chamber, a grate, an ash chamber, a flue on the combustion chamber, a water storage wall outside the combustion chamber, and the outside of the flue is enclosed and sealed to form a hot blast chamber The hot air cavity has an air inlet and a blower at the bottom, and an air outlet at the top. The hot blast stove of this structure has insufficient fuel combustion and low heat exchange efficiency, and cannot fully utilize the energy of the raw materials and generate hot wind, which causes excessive energy consumption and large pollution.

The hot air stove is used to solve the problems of insufficient combustion in the prior art and low thermal efficiency. It is further improved on the basis of the existing technology structure. Its specific technical solution is that the combustion chamber of the furnace body is provided with two upper and lower fire grate to form the upper and lower combustion chamber, the upper combustion chamber is provided with fuel port and sealed furnace door; The side of the chamber is provided with a hot air transfer inlet; the bottom of the furnace body is an ash deposit chamber, and the upper combustion chamber and the ash deposit chamber are provided with air inlets. The lower combustion chamber uses a hemispherical grate with a larger area. The hot air heat exchange chamber is distributed in the upper, middle and lower bins, with a hot air deflector at the bottom, which adopts three-stage hot air exchange.

When the breeding hot air stove is used, the fuel completes one combustion in the upper combustion chamber and falls into the lower combustion chamber. The lower combustion chamber uses a hemispherical grate to increase the combustion area, so that the fuel that is not fully burned on the upper grate is further fully burned. Then the slag is left on the lower grate and the dust falls into the ash deposit room. While the upper and lower combustion chambers are burning, the water in the water storage wall is also heated and heated. The hot air passes through the hot air transfer inlet of the lower combustion chamber and enters the hot air exchange chamber to perform three-stage exchange of combustion hot air and heating clean air. In order to achieve the purpose of full combustion and full exchange. Use raw materials, provide heat, and environmentally friendly emissions to achieve the purpose of full combustion and full exchange. The furnace has reasonable design, scientific structure, convenient use and maintenance, full fuel combustion, high heat exchange efficiency, low heat and smoke exhaust, environmental protection, meets the requirements of energy saving and environmental protection, and is a cost-effective combination of hot water and hot air. Very energy-saving and environmentally friendly stove.