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The advantages and disadvantages of different types of breeding hot air furnace

Edit:Qingzhou Mukang Machinery Co., Ltd.UpDate:2020-03-20

With the continuous improvement and development of scale in today's aquaculture industry, the control of all aspects of aquaculture species is also more accurate and scientific, and warming is one of them.

In the way of warming, the application of breeding hot air furnace is not limited, not limited to the part of birth care, nor is it limited to the pig industry. At present, the important methods of energy consumption of the main hot blast stoves on the market are coal, electricity, and fuel oil. Each of these types has its various degrees of defects and deficiencies.

Types of breeding hot blast stove

Coal-fired hot blast stoves are widely used because of their low cost, but they pollute the environment. With the gradual tightening of China's environmental protection policies, this type of stoves will be eliminated, and most of these stoves are simplified because of low coal prices Thermal conversion unit, so that although the equipment price is not high, the thermal efficiency is indeed very low in these types, and due to the problem of sealing smoke, such furnaces can only be placed outside the house, which further reduces its thermal efficiency.

The advantage of the electric heating stove is that it directly heats the air in the house. The air quality in the house is relatively unchanged, but the cost of electricity is higher. The diameter of the heat dissipation fan is large. Although the air supply volume is large, it cannot be connected to the hot air belt, so the temperature increase area is limited.

Although the theory of the fuel oil hot stove is that there is no smell of combustion, in actual use, the quality of the oil and the degree of combustion lead to flue gas odor and the deterioration of the environment in the house. In addition, a large amount of carbon dioxide is generated during the working process, which increases the ventilation in the house to balance it, which further reduces the thermal efficiency.

Biomass hot blast stove is a kind of equipment that applies biomass energy to heating and heating industry. Generally, the equipment is composed of four parts, storage feed system, automatic ignition combustion system, heat exchange system and control system.